Who's the best young poet today?


Jul, 28 2023

Meet the Voices of Our Generation

Let me introduce you to the promising young voices shaping the landscape of contemporary poetry. As I skim through countless volumes of verse, it's evident to me that poetry is a living, breathing entity that evolves with each generation. And let me tell you, our generation has some voices worth tuning into. Now, I'm not talking about maudlin rhymes scribbled in the margins of notebooks. I'm talking about authentic, soul-stirring expressions that radiate from pages. Come on over. Let’s explore these vibrant voices.

The Relatable Realist: Kaely Jenkins

First off the blocks is Kaely Jenkins, a Minnesota native whose signature style is akin to a beautifully calculated chaos. Her poetry hinges on the bristles of reality, and it's incredibly relatable. Now, I've had the chance to meet Kaely at a poetry reading once, and let me tell you, folks, her onstage charisma mirrors her on-paper talent astonishingly! She’s a magnificent creature of the stage, radiant as the sun itself, and I’ll bet dollars to donuts, you’ll wonder how one person can embody so much vivacity.

In her debut anthology 'Shards of Summer', Kaely unflinchingly explores themes of love, longing, and loss. She has the uncanny knack of transforming the mundane into the extraordinary, encouraging her readers to see the poetry in everyday life. And here’s a fun tidbit for you – Kaely composes all her poems on a vintage typewriter she picked up from a flea market. The clacking of keys, she insists, helps the thoughts flow better. Poets, am I right?

The Full-Throttle Futurist: Max Richter

If you’re looking for something that echoes the pulse of our time, Max Richter is your guy. A futurist, with an insatiable fascination for technology's relationship with humanity, Max's work is contemplative, cutting-edge and charged. I recall with an affectionate chuckle a conversation I had with Max. When quizzed about his creative process, he giggled and confessed that he often composed poems with the aid of Artificial Intelligence models just to challenge the boundary between man and machine.

Max's body of work, ‘Visions of a Digital Dawn’, isn't merely a collection of poems but a dialogue - a dialogue that engages you in profound considerations about the synthesis of human emotions and artificial intelligence. He gracefully navigates complex discourse on technology and human existence within his rhythmical verses. You cannot help but marvel at this sonosopher's thought-provoking perspective on the future within his carefully-crafted quatrains.

The Reigning Romantique: Emeilia Hart

Then there’s British poet Emeilia Hart, who's been sweeping the poetry scene with her beguiling verse and captivating cadence. Her writing sings with old-world charm, hearkening back to the Romantic era, making one wonder if she was a reincarnation of John Keats or Lord Byron. Maybe it’s pure coincidence, or maybe it’s a beautiful case of literary fate, but I found one of Emeilia’s collections in a dusty secondhand bookstore; it only took me a few lines to fall in love.

With her anthology 'Whispers in the Twilight', Emeilia breathes new life into romantic poetry. No clichéd terms of endearment here, folks; instead, she conjures a poignant zeitgeist of unrequited love, heartfelt odes, and star-crossed passion. All I can say is, her poetry will make you believe in the power of the written word, and perhaps, if you're like me, you'll also hope to find those uncannily familiar looking eyes in a crowded London tube station.

The Radical Rebel: Umair Khan

Umair Khan is fire and fury wrapped in verse. He's a poet, activist, and unabashed truth-seeker. I remember reading Umair’s first publication 'In The Realm of the Dissident' and being blown away by his radical perspective on politics, religion, and society. Our telephonic conversation- thanks to the six-hour time difference between NY and Karachi- left me convinced of his unyielding commitment to the power of potent prose.

Adventure, rebellion, and the audacity of voice are the lifeblood of Khan's craft. His works sprout from the soil of radical thought, blossoming into a rebellious bloom of verses. His dedication to challenging the status quo continuously pushes the boundaries of contemporary verse. If you're seeking comfort in familiar rhymes and rhythms, Umair Khan might not be your cup of tea. But if you crave a relentless exploration of the uncomfortable, well, you're in for a treat!

The Canvas Colorist: Luna Abrams

Finally, I present to you Luna Abrams, the youngest star to grace our list. The only daughter of acclaimed abstract artist Leonard Abrams and famed poet Rebecca Perth, she’s a virtuoso of vibrant verse. Luna's collection 'Kaleidoscope' is the poetry equivalent of a color burst firework, showcasing a beautiful melding of imagery and emotion. Just between you and me, folks, Luna’s dazzling display of poetry made me remember my early days when I toyed with watercolors and blank canvas - albeit, less successfully!

Luna’s poems feel like a powerful yet gentle rush of watercolors, infiltrating your senses and leaving you craving more. Abstract yet deeply emotional, her verses are layered with depth and meaning. 'Kaleidoscope' is an intricate dance of words and imagery, a stunning testimony to Luna's ability to fill words with striking colors. Often, her poetry feels less like structured verse and more like a lush landscape; a visual treat for the mind's eye and the soul. Take a stroll through her garden of verses. I guarantee, it’s a delight you don’t want to miss!

Concluding Thoughts

These young poets ignite possibilities and push boundaries. In a world dominated by screens, algorithms, and fleeting glances, they compel us to slow down, to appreciate the romance hidden within rhythms and the resonance nestled within rhymes. Their unique voices challenge us, move us, making us, the readers, participants in their world of creation. Poets hold mirrors to society, reflect its beauty, its flaws, its ugliness, and its grace. As I write this from my cluttered desk, an open moonlit window to my right, I can't help but feel a sense of awe at their beautiful craft. A cup of coffee in my hand, and a content satisfaction in my heart, I bid you goodbye, dear reader. Let their lyrical magic seep in and leave you thoroughly entranced!