Book Review Requests


If you are interested in having me review your book, please read my notes below and then fill out the form.

  1. I Am a HUGE Fan of Indie Authors If you are an author of a genre I am interested in, I will consider it regardless of its publisher. Many of the books I enjoy are self published.
  2. Formats can be eBook or Hard Copy  eBooks need to be in mobi, PDF, or ePub formats (mobi would be preferable). However, if you would like to mail a physical copy of the book instead, please mention that in the Synopsis section of the form.
  3. I Like Happily Ever After (HEA) Endings There can be all kinds of drama, angst, battles of life and death, the downright weird and freaky, etc. throughout the book but I like my HEA Endings. I look at books as alternate universes and sometimes escapes from reality so if the guy doesn’t get the girl in the end, that is a major book turn-off for me. *An exception to this would be a cliffhanger in a series*
  4. I Need Romance I am interested in many different genres but they all have to have some romance
  5. I Focus on the Following Genre
    • Young Adult/New Adult Paranormal/Distopian Romance
    • New Adult Contemporary Romance
    • Young Adult/Adult Contemporary Romance
    • New Adult/Adult Erotic Romance
    • If you indicate “Other” in the Genre drop down on the form, please list it with the Synopsis and I’ll let you know if it is something I can review
  6. Negative Reviews I will only post book reviews that I feel are a rating of 3 out of 5 “books” or higher on the blog. I will never “bash” a book just because it wasn’t my taste. That is extremely disrespectful of the author’s hard work. After all, constructive criticism is what will help the book/author not degrading commentary.
  7. I am usually booking a minimum of 2 months out. You can look at my calendar on my home page to give you an idea but feel free to check with me as I only get this calendar updated about every other week.
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If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at [email protected].

I look forward to hearing from you and THANK YOU for thinking of me to review your book(s)!

 ~ Megan