REVIEW: Holding Out by Lila Rose


Title: Holding Out

Author: Lila Rose

Genre: Biker Romance (18+)

Expected Release Date: December 5, 2013



Zara Edgingway is a twenty-six-year-old secretary. She has a daughter that apparently knows-it-all and a best friend that could possibly have the mouth of Satan, but she’s been with her through hell and back. Then there’s the hunk’a'licious biker neighbour finally showing interest in her.
If only she isn’t about to face her next obstacle in life, the one she ran from six years ago: her ex husband.
Talon Marcus is the president of the Hawks Motorcycle Club. For two years he’s had his eye on the quiet, reclusive, yet sassy, neighbour Zara. Finally, he has the chance to claim her as his woman. Just when her past catches up with her, she’ll need, not only his protection, but the help from his biker brothers.
Now, if only she’d stop fighting him along the way.

My Rating: School School School School School


This was a really great read. Some action, some sexy, and a lot of funny quips. This book will have you biting your nails, swooning over the sexy bikers, and cracking up at the dialogue. Well written characters and an engaging story line kept me so riveted that I read the whole book in one sitting.

Talon is your typical alpha male sexy biker. He’s protective, possessive, and loyal. Zara is strong willed, personable, and protective of her friends and family. They are completely perfect for each other.  They felt like real people and not just characters in a book. I was rooting for them throughout the whole story. And they steamy scenes were great too. I really liked all of the secondary characters as well. All of their friends and family had unique personalities and they had me laughing so hard at several points that I had to stop to wipe my eyes so I could keep reading.

The story line pulled me in from the very beginning. I was immediately intrigued by what was going on in book. The hilarious pet names some of the characters called each other and the funny banter that went back and forth showed a closeness that I really liked as well as just being a comedic relief in an otherwise heavy story. The vibrant characters and well written plot made this a truly enjoyable book. I’m giving this a 5 out of 5 books!!

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