REVIEW: Slow Hand Quickens by Allie Mathews


Title: Slow Hand Quickens

Author: Allie Mathews

Genre: Mature YA Contemporary Romance (17+)



Kristen Weatherly is surviving. She’s been surviving her whole life. She can’t wait to get her diploma so she can leave town and create a new life, one worth living.
Having been hurt, Kristen doesn’t trust, and with good reason. But when she gets a job at the county library, a fellow co-worker and student, Mila, breaks through Kristen’s walls and befriends her. She shows Kristen that there are good people in the world, sometimes when you least expect it.
After a spontaneous run in with a boy named Chris that Kristen dubs Mystery Eyes, Kristen wars with herself about opening up to him because that can lead to more hurt and rejection.
As the two get closer, and secrets are revealed, will they be able to move beyond their pasts together? Or will those pasts come between them when they need each other most?
*This is a story with dark themes and subject matter. It is intended for mature audiences only.

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My Rating: School School School School


I was gifted this book for an honest review and I was not disappointed. Behind all of the really dark and difficult content of this book, there is a story of a girl coming out of her shell to stand up for herself and the boy she falls for. The characters are well written and the story line is engaging and well laid out.

Kristen and Chris are so perfect for each other. Kristen is trying to deal with her home life day by day. Even though there were several times I wanted to yell at her to move out I also understood her perspective of the situation. It was like she was manipulated and didn’t realize it until she met Mila and Chris. However, she is one strong and smart person to deal with her life and adapt. Chris has had a LOT of similar things happen to him but he has a little brother to keep safe as well. I really admired his perseverance and his devotion to his brother. They were people to me and not just characters. Mila also had a great support role to this story as a secondary character.

I enjoyed the characters as well as the romance in this story. I struggled to read about what Kristen had to go through but it gave the book an edge and made it more realistic. This was a really good book and I think it deserves a 4 out of 5 books!

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