Review: Just One More Breath by Leigha Lewis


Just One More Breath

by Leigha Lewis



What would you do if you lost everything? If the reason you woke up in the morning no longer existed? If life dealt you a blow so devastating that something as simple as breathing was just too painful, how would you find the strength to go on?
Nicole Miller was happy, busy with her family and her dream job. Life was perfect. When tragedy struck, she succumbed to her devastating loss and crumbled under the heavy weight of her despair. She didn’t know where to find the strength to keep going.
Divorce Attorney Shawn Burns had seen too many destroyed marriages to believe that happily ever after actually existed. By avoiding commitment he remained aloof, and most importantly, unattached. There has only ever been one woman who has managed to shake that resolve, his good friend from college. But, she was married to someone else.
Some friendships survive under stress. Some do not. Can Shawn, provide the healing balm for his friend’s heart? Will Nicole ever be able to find hope, forgiveness, or love for her desolate heart?


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This was a highly emotional and moving story. The kind of heartbreak and loss Nicole goes through is unfathomable to most people. I had tears in my eyes as I read about her loss. This story will pull at your heart but also teach about healing and love.

Shawn and Nicole have been friends for years. When she goes through something horrible, he steps up to help her through it. Shawn has always been a player but he’s always had a thing for Nicole. He really steps up and becomes a great man when he helps her through her problems. Nicole hits rock bottom and just when she’s about to give up, Shawn steps in and reminds her of the strong person she is. Nicole truly is a remarkable person but just has to be reminded of that fact. Both of these characters have great personalities and I admired them both.

This story was a bit hard to read at the beginning because of the nature of the tragedy. However, it was a wonderful story about healing and love which I enjoyed immensely. These characters have perseverance and I enjoyed the supporting characters as well. There were a couple of spots towards the end of the book that had me laughing out loud (very loudly). 4 out of 5 palm trees!


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