Review: Conquer by S.J. McGran



Triumph, #2

by S.J. McGran



My name is Angelica McCoy and I am a man-eater. I use men. I use them to make me feel worthy and beautiful, to help me get through the day. To help me forget.
That is until a certain man walked into my life and turned it upside down. He’s the only person that’s been able to see through the lies, the bullshit masks. He turns every wall I’ve carefully constructed around my broken heart to rubble.
Without questioning it, without asking for permission he takes my heart and makes it his.
The question is can I get over my own fears, the suffocating disbelief in happily ever after to give him what he needs? What he deserves?


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Another fantastic book in the Triumph series! The emotions are intense and the characters are easy to like. I couldn’t put the book down and I read it in just a few hours in the evening. You also get glimpses of the characters from book 1 (Triumph) so it was fun to get to see them again but Ryan and Angelica still got their own story.

Ryan and Angelica have a connection the first time they meet but outside influences lead to a lot of misjudgments about each other’s character. When they finally get a chance to see each other’s true character they decide to give that connection a chance. Ryan is sweet, sexy, and determined to make it on his own even though he comes from money. Angelica also comes from money but also a loving family and knows there is more to life than that. She comes across as shallow and a bit of a slut but once she shows her true self, its easy to see why she up that front. They’ve both lost someone they love and I think that just brings a whole other level to their connection.

The story line was easy to follow and it was one of those great ones that makes it easy to immerse yourself in the characters’ world. I felt connected to Ryan and Angelica. I found myself having a certain feeling on behalf of the character during a certain scene. This was also one of those books that has you thinking about it after you finish it. That, to me, is a mark of a great book. I look forward to more in the Triumph series. 5 out of 5 palm trees!

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