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Mia Murphy may be married to the man of her dreams. But the man in her dreams is the one that got away—her high school crush.

Mia’s stuck in a rut, just like every other stay-at-home mom, and the only thing saving her from her monotonous routine is her perfect husband, Declan. He’s gorgeous, he adores her, and the man stole her heart with his sexy singing voice. Mia feels like the luckiest girl in the world, until she discovers that Mr. Perfect is not Mr. Faithful. Mia is devastated. Everything she once believed about Declan and their marriage is now covered in a big cloud of doubt and regret. On impulse, she kicks the cheating bastard out, pushing them into a separation that could mean the end of the picture-perfect couple.

But when Mia receives an invitation to her high school reunion, she finds herself abandoning the present for the oh-so-alluring pull of the past. Although her heart still belongs to her husband, inescapable thoughts of her crush, Noah, resurface. And ten years later, Noah isn’t afraid to make his move. When the build-up of fantasies and ‘what ifs’ comes to a head, sparks fly and it’s Mia’s turn to question if her marriage is everything she wants out of life. Searching for answers, Mia dives head first into dating Noah, falling further away from her husband and closer to her old flame.
But Declan’s not giving up so easily. Mia is his one and only and he’s not about to let another man win her heart.

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My Rating: School School School School
Faith Andrews has written an engaging story in Man of my Dreams. It is a story of mistakes, regrets, second chances, and of course love. The characters are vibrant and the plot was interesting and had me pulled in from the very beginning. The book flashes back and forth between present and past but it is very easy to follow and getting bits of the past helped tell the story in the present.
Mia is upset with her husband, Declan (LOVE that name!) for problems in their marriage and while they are separated, runs into her high school crush Noah. To be honest, I wasn’t sure which man I wanted to root for at first. Both are sexy, successful, and have a soft spot for Mia. Neither one of them are really bad guys which made it difficult. As I progressed through the book, I started leaning more towards Declan mostly because of the lengths he went to to win her heart (both times) despite his mistake. Mia had me cursing at her a few times during the book because of her indecision. All 3 of these main characters felt like real people and grew quite fond of them, especially Mia and Declan. Mia’s best friend had me cracking up several times and I also liked all of the other secondary characters.
This story was a bit of a nail biter at times but I truly enjoyed it. Once I started the book, I couldn’t put my tablet down until I was finished. It was a really great book and I liked getting to hear Mia’s story about finding her happiness in herself as well as her life. Great book and I’m giving it a 4 out of 5 books!

About the Author

Faith Andrews lives in New York where she is happily married to her high school sweetheart. They have two beautiful daughters and a furry Yorkie son, Rocco. If she isn’t listening to Mumford and Sons or busy being a Dance Mom, her nose is in a book or her laptop. She’s a sucker for a happily ever after and believes her characters are out there living one somewhere . . .

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Noah interrupts my thoughts with a husky whisper, “I should have done this a long time ago, Mia. I was so dumb back then. I can’t believe I let you slip away.”

His admission makes me stagger; all of a sudden I have two left feet. I can’t just let his remark slide. “Yeah, you were pretty dumb. I practically followed you around like a puppy dog waiting on you to ask me out. But you never did.”

Our song is over, but he continues to hold me in his arms, surveying me and everything I just said. “Really? I swear I had no idea. You mean to tell me if I had played my cards right and stuck my head out of my baseball cap for a damn second I could be the one taking you home tonight?”

His words shock me. Does he mean it the way I’m thinking or is he being sweet? Like, take me home to screw me or take me home to our house, where we could have lived as a committed couple? I clench my eyes shut, trying to figure it out.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.” He nods his head in the direction of the bar. “And the guys from the team have been eyeing me since I walked in. Hopefully they’ll cut me some slack when I tell them I chose to catch up with the one that got away instead of them.” He winks and escorts me back to our table.

Every one of my senses are on overload from his touch, his scent, the sounds of the things coming out of his perfect mouth. Ten year old regrets flood in, drowning any bit of my remaining sanity. In this moment I know what Declan felt when he let that girl from the hotel kiss him. Face to face with temptation, my love for my husband isn’t strong enough to make me turn my back on the what ifs.

“Let me toss back a few drinks for old time’s sake. Can I bring you back anything?”

“No, I think I’m good.” I say, even though I’m far from it. There is not one ‘good’ image running through my head. In fact they are all bad. Naughty. Mischievously wicked.

And they’re making me brave.

“Hey, Noah?” I call out to him, stopping him in his tracks to the bar.

“What’s up?” he cocks his head, smirking.

Can he read me that well? Is the act as a disloyal wife giving me away? The flirting is one thing, but what I’m about to do crosses so many lines it feels criminal. I scan my surroundings to make sure no one’s watching. When I’m positive, I pull him by his collar. Closer to me.

His breath catches. His eyes widen. Our lips are inches apart. If we weren’t in a room full of gossipy people I would get it over with and kiss him right here. They could never understand what that kiss would mean. An answer to so many questions about my past. A retaliation—an eye for an eye—for what Declan did to us.

I forgo the kiss, but lick my lips for effect. “I hear there’s an after party. Will you take me?”

Noah raises an eyebrow, channeling me to focus on those smoldering green eyes. His lips curl into a satisfied smile. He speaks in a growl of a whisper. “Mia, I’ll take you anywhere you want to go. I don’t want this night to end because tomorrow you go back to belonging to someone else.”

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