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What happens when the hunter becomes the hunted?

Kat Snyder has spent years chasing after the man who attacked her and left her for dead. It is her one obsession and she won’t let anyone stand in her way. Now that they are getting closer to finding him she begins to doubt herself and her need for revenge.

Jackson “Jack” Taylor lost the only woman he truly loved. Now that he’s found her again he’s not letting go and will do everything in his power to make her see they can have a life together.

Together they search for the monster who has hurt so many women. The closer they get, the closer they become, until they are both Caught in the Storm.

Jeremy Ellison sat on a dirty bed in an even dirtier motel room with his head in his hands, wondering how he ended up here. He’d had her; he was almost able to take the one thing Anthony currently wanted. After pulling himself from the water, he didn’t know what to do or where to go. This was a first for him. He’d lost everything. Everything. He had no laptop, no pictures, nowhere to go, and most importantly, no money.
Sighing, he reached over for the newspapers he had purchased, somewhere in there he’d find what he was looking for. Some old lady from the society pages who had more money than brains. Some way to make a quick buck so that he’d be able to move on to bigger and better things. It was a scam he had perfected over the years. Money and items that he could quickly sell would be his. It was what had afforded him the lifestyle he loved so much, and giving the old ladies a thrill, well, it was the least he could do.
He wanted to scream when he saw his picture and the story about him, staring back. A smaller photo of Anthony and Evie mocked him. They were coming for him; they were all coming for him. Pounding his fists on the bed, his head shook back and forth, his mouth opened in a silent scream.
She sat in the grimy motel room clutching her wig in her trembling hands, staring at the room across the parking lot where she saw him enter a while ago. She never expected to come across him after all this time. It took everything she had not to knock on the door and send the bastard straight to hell. She knew he deserved more pain and putting a bullet in him would be too quick. Now that she knew where he was, she could plan. She had to have a plan. Everything had to be in order. The ending would have to be perfect, exactly what he deserved.
Her hands shook as she thought of what she’d have to do to him, but she hadn’t come this far to back out now.
Glancing at her watch, she knew she had to hurry, she wanted to get back to her files on Jeremy. Now that she knew exactly where he was she needed to make sure everything was up to date and she had all the information on him. Slowly she put the wig back on and walked out of the room into the sunlight. She casually dropped her purse near his car where she attached a tracking device. Picking up her things, she put them back in her purse, then stood up and walked away, never looking back.

This was a fantastic ending to the Storm series. It had the romance, some steamy scenes, some drama, suspense, and that bit of that CSI/Detective type action. I have a degree in Criminal Justice and really enjoy these kinds of crime solving suspense stories. This story (and the whole series for that matter) has that rare attribute of a suspense that threw a little twist in right when you think you’ve figured it out. It was intriguing and exciting to follow along and try to figure it out while also rooting for the main couple to make it work.

Jackson and Kat have a bit of history but Kat has fought their connection for years. Now that Jackson has decided that he’s going to fight for her, things get steamy and the protectiveness and stubbornness that is so predominant in the Alpha Male is rearing its hot and sexy head. Kat is dealing with a LOT of demons and insecurities that really pulled at my heart. These two easily pulled me into their world and I was on pins and needles the whole time they were on their adventure. Even though this was mainly Jackson and Kat’s story it also included the previous 2 couples so it was great to see how they had all progressed.

I really liked how the group of characters expanded over the series and there was a lot of interaction with the ones from the previous 2 books yet it still felt like Jackson and Kat’s story in a lot of ways. The story line had me glued to my chair into the wee hours of the morning. In fact, I read this ENTIRE series on ONE day. Yeah, it was that addicting. The protagonists had great personalities and I instantly took a liking to them. The antagonist was creepy and gross and was the perfect villain. I highly recommend this book and if you haven’t read any of the books in the Storm series, you HAVE to read all 3 books in order for it to make sense. Go get them all today! 5 out of 5 books!!!

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M. Stratton is an International Amazon bestselling author in the romantic suspense and mystery suspense categories for her debut novel After the Storm. She is a self-proclaimed dork that loves to make people laugh and can trip over nothing. Her inner rock star is always on stage performing to a sold out crowd but is quiet and shy on the outside.

She lives with her husband and son in Arizona, which is a big difference from where she grew up north of Chicago Illinois. As an only child she learned to tell herself stories to make the long winters go by quicker while dreaming of summer vacations. Now as an adult she still makes up stories to pass the time, but now she writes them down to share with other people.

When not writing you can find M. watching football (Go Bears!), NASCAR, or classic movies, watching her husband and father restore classic cars, and seeing who can be sillier, her or her son, and of course reading.

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