Review: Rock My Body by Michelle A. Valentine


Rock My Body

Black Falcon, #4

by Michelle A. Valentine



Tyke Douglas is tired of being the glue that holds the hottest band in the world together. If the rest of the guys are out doing their own thing, then why shouldn’t he? He’s about to turn things up a notch and bring a whole new level of crazy into Black Falcon’s world.
Francine Mead is putting her sordid past behind and is determined to help others overcome their demons along side her. The first step in her new life is taking a job as an addiction counselor, where she can mentor others through their struggles. Francine never expected to be lured back into temptation when her first sexy celebrity client, Tyke Douglas walks through her door. The moment she lays eyes on him, she’s in trouble.
Both Tyke and Francine know a relationship between them would be a disaster, but with each session, things continue to heat up, making it impossible to deny the connection they share. Boundaries cross, attractions heighten and both of their willpowers will be tested to the very limit.
Novel centers around Tyke Douglas, bassist of Black Falcon, and is final book in the series.




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Michelle A. Valentine knows how to close out a series with a bang. I was just as engrossed and emotionally invested in this book as I have been with every other Black Falcon book. I couldn’t put it down once I started and devoured it in just a few hours.

Tyke and Frannie instantly connect but have to suppress that connection due to their circumstances. Tyke is sexy, yet used to being emotionally closed off until he meets Frannie. When they first meet, Frannie feels the attraction as well but is dealing with her own demons. She’s hanging on to her position as Tyke’s addiction counselor and unwilling to risk everything. I think these two are drawn to each other by loneliness and also common emotions surrounding their addictions. The strength shown by both of them is very empowering. These two wonderful characters pulled at my heart and made me fall in love with them along with the rest of the couples in the series.

This book was sexy, passionate, emotional, dramatic, and funny. I loved every minute of reading it and even long after I finished the book, I found myself thinking back. It is definitely one that I will remember and hopefully carve out time down the road to re-read. The story line kept me engaged and the scenes transitioned smoothly. I’ll miss the couples of Black Falcon but they won’t be forgotten and I since I’ve read her other books, I can honestly say that anything Michelle puts out there, I’ll read…without hesitation. 5 out of 5 palm trees!

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