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Title: Forever (Forever #1)

Author: Mary A. Wasowski

Genre: New Adult Romance

Release Date: February 18, 2014



Following her larger than life best friend to NYU was a dream come true.

Modeling part-time to pay the bills, while she earned her teaching degree, Reese Mitchell never imagined her Nana’s prediction of finding her future husband could be possible. Then she met…HIM! Walker Reed, her handsome stranger. He was sexy as sin and one look from him, she was hooked. Loving Walker was effortless. He captured her heart with one touch making Reese lose herself in him. From strangers to lovers, they became two hearts…one love. Outside forces conspire to tear their love apart leaving her to wonder if two people from different worlds should stay together? When promised “Forever” from the man who loves her, Reese is left with only one thing to do. She trusts the promises made. She believes in the happily ever after. She believes in…FOREVER.

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My Rating: School School School School


I was immediately drawn into this story. Passion, romance, a bit of suspense, plenty of devious deeds, and misunderstandings abound in this eventful book. I found myself cheering for certain characters and booing others. It was a definite page turner.

Walker and Reese are a great couple. I don’t want to give too much of the story away but I will say that I loved them together. They are 2 beautiful people from different worlds. Walker is a wealthy and soon to be CEO of his family’s business and Reese is a beautiful model from Georgia who is going to college at NYU to finish her degree to be a teacher. They complimented each other’s personalities really well. You can tell from their first meeting that they have an intense connection.

I was glued to my tablet until I finished the book. It was fast paced and intense and I easily found myself immersed in Walker and Reese’s world. I really look forward to reading the next book in the series to see how everything concludes for this couple. I’m giving Forever a 4 out of 5 books.


About the Author
Mary Wasowski is the queen of mastering many tasks. I call New Jersey my home where I share my life with my husband, and our three amazing sons. Writing was my way of expressing my words that sometimes I couldn’t say. My journals were filled with the rants of a teenager finding her way, and eventually they turned into poems, and short stories. Joining the Indie community of so many talented writers has been a wonderful experience. I am so thankful for all of the love and support I have received. Life can take you down many different roads, but I truly believe this is where I am suppose to be now. I want to inspire my boys to never give up on your dreams. I never did, and here I am. I am officially an Author. Write what you love. Love what you write. Believe in your story. You have many chapters to write on your journey… XOXO…Mary

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“Reese, what the hell? What is going on with you, and why are you crying? I’m so sorry for behaving the way I did last night. I thought we had resolved this and we are okay.” Staring at my feet so that he had to lift my chin to look at me, he said, “Babe… please tell me what’s wrong?”

I buried my face in to his chest. His intoxicating scent calmed me. I whispered the words that made my mouth taste like vinegar, “It’s your father.”

“What about my father? Has he done something to upset you? Please tell me Reese, and do not leave out any details.”

Now that I had said the words to him, he waited for me to explain. I felt sick to my stomach that I had to have this conversation with him. We walked to the couch, he handed me my coffee and a scone. It smelled delicious, and I felt guilty for even thinking he was leaving me, while all along he was simply getting us breakfast. I couldn’t resist the pastry, so I took a couple of bites before talking with Walker. He smiled at me knowing his kind gesture had made me happy. I put down my coffee to take hold of Walker’s hands. “This is hard for me to say to you because I never want to be the one that hurts you, but you do need to know.”

“Reese, you say you don’t want to hurt me, then prove it. Please tell me that you love me, and only me. What did I walk in on yesterday? You say it’s about my father. You must tell me how that bastard hurt you. I swear to god that he will never have the opportunity to do that again!”

“I love you… I want you… and only you! I’m afraid that we are up against something far too big for either one of us to handle. Your father has made it perfectly clear that I am not his choice for you, and he will stop at nothing to rid me from your life. He wants me to end things with you and hand you over to Elizabeth. He sent his driver for me yesterday. I was so scared that I ran from him and came straight home.”

“Are you fucking kidding me? He sent Ralston?”

“Yes, I believe that was his name. He said he didn’t mean to scare me, but he was to deliver me to your father at his office for a meeting.”

“Oh hell no, that will never happen. Did he touch you, Reese?” I shook my head no at him. “Reese, I can’t even begin to tell you how sorry I am that he is such an asshole, and he is still trying to run my life. Please, babe, you have to trust me and trust that I will take care of this. I will end this bullshit today!”

“Walker, how are you going to do that? He will cut you off, and then where will you be? You have to finish school and become all the great things that you are destined to be. I won’t be the reason you jeopardize your future.”

“That stubborn man who I share blood lines with has no idea about who the hell I am. He has only his way of thinking, and he only wants to control people. He never listens to anyone else! That is going to change, believe me.”

“Walker, I can’t compromise your life and what has been planned for you.”

Cutting me off and holding my now wet face in his hands, he said, “Reese, I might as well let my father cut me down at my knees, because if I lose you, then my future is fucked anyway. Everything that I thought I wanted before meeting you has become an afterthought. When I look at you, this is what I see. I see you walking down the aisle in a beautiful, white dress designed by Freddy, and escorted by your grandfather. You’ll look so beautiful that I can hardly breathe. I see you holding our newborn son or daughter in your arms. I kiss your lips, and whisper thank you for making me the happiest man in the world. I see you and our children by my side when I cut the ribbon to the new building that I have designed. I see us growing old together, Reese. We will enjoy the family that we created. We will welcome our grandchildren into the world. Forever, baby… I only see forever when I look at you. That’s the future I want Reese, and I will not let my father take that away from me, or us. Please believe me, and tell me right here and now that you want it too.”

He didn’t have to ask me twice, of course I want this with him, how can I not? I love him so much, and although it has only been a short time for us, sometimes you just know when it’s perfect. Walker is my perfect, and I believe every word that he has said to me. I will face his ruthless father with Walker holding my hand. I promise not to be intimidated by Phillip Reed again. We made passionate love, sealing our commitment to one another.




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